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The Eagle International Punch Cutter is a well-established machine for cutting OTR tires into usable segments.

This patented machine is designed to punch through the tread of an OTR tire and split it into two halves down the center of the tread. It is a more compact option for cutting tires in half within Eagle’s flagship OTR Downsizing System.

The Eagle Punch Cutter cuts OTR tires in half around the tread.
Here, a Punch Cutter has completed its cycle on a 59/80R63 mining tire, and the halves are now ready to be repurposed or reduced further. Click here to view product information on the Punch Cutter.

The Punch Cutter is loaded onto the sidewall and travels around the outside of the tire, punching a blade through the tread as it cycles. Once the equipment’s programmable logic computer (PLC) has been set, the operator can hit the “start” button and the entire cutting process runs automatically. The cutting cycle lasts up to eight minutes on a 59/80R63 and will remember settings between tires of the same size. The Punch cutter is equipped to cut tires with max rim size of 63 inches and a tread width up to, and including, 70 inches. The innovative design of this machine reduces friction on the blade during the cutting process. This allows the machine to cut without any added cooling systems.

A Punch Cutter has been loaded onto in OTR tire to bagel cut it.
A newly built Punch Cutter was recently delivered to Canada to contribute in eliminating a reserve of over 9000 OTR tires.

Once the tire is “bagel-cut” it can be more easily processed during shredding or pyrolysis, reducing wear and tear on machine components. Other uses for halved-tires include livestock water tanks and implements for scraping and snow removal. The Punch Cutter has a proven track record in Canada, South Africa, Chilé, and the United States and is set to enter Argentina in the coming months.  

To find a Punch Cutter or other OTR Downsizing equipment in your area, visit our Dealer Locator.