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Eagle International has been known in the tire recycling world for decades as the foremost authority on hydraulic tire sheers and off-the-road (OTR) tire downsizing. Now, Eagle announces their first machine capable of producing rubber mulch. The Eagle Edge 360 is designed to remove high-quality mulch from the treads and sidewalls of OTR tires ranging in sizes from 33-inch through 63-inch rim size.

Eagle Edge 360 pealing the tread from an OTR tire into rubber mulch.
The Eagle International Edge 360 peels rubber mulch from the tread and sidewall of end-of-life OTR tires with a max rim size of 63 inches.

Eagle has developed a unique design that features rasp heads in three locations at varying angles. Multiple rasp heads increase the surface area that can be claimed as mulch and speeds up cycle time. In addition, operators can shred rubber mulch from the tread and sidewall simultaneously.

“Once the machine has been set up, and you tell it how wide the tire tread is, the PLCs take over.”

Joe Brehmer, president of Brehmer Mfg., Inc.

“Our goal with this machine was to incorporate automation,” says said Joe Brehmer, president of Brehmer Mfg., Inc., the parent company of Eagle International. “Once the machine has been set up, and you tell it how wide the tire tread is, the programmable logic controls (PLCs) take over.”

The Edge 360 uses semi-automation through PLCs that adjust for speed and rasp pressure. The PCLs maximize efficiency by providing consistent pressure and tire rotation to remove mulch evenly across the whole surface of the tread. Operators can also control rasp angle and depth with a remote function.

The entire system includes the Edge 360, a high-efficiency vacuum, cyclone, magnet, conveyor, hopper, and bag stand. Brehmer continues, “I wanted the Edge 360 to have an element of transportability that Eagle International equipment is known for. We designed this machine to come apart in sections so you can transport it to different locations. You can set up where the stock tires are being stored, recover your mulch, and tear down to move on to the next location.”

Rubber mulch being sorted into bags.
The peeled rubber from the scrap tire is conveyed and stored in bags, ready for transport.

Eagle International has been building hydraulic-powered tire recycling equipment since 1991. The company is based in Lyons, Nebraska.

See how the Edge 360 can increase the offerings in your OTR tire recycling operation. Visit the Edge 360 product page.