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Eagle International builds the tire recycling equipment used to eliminate waste tires. We don’t do the actual recycling ourselves. However, here are some ideas of where you can get rid of your old tires.

Chances are you don’t think much about your tires unless you get a flat or are looking to replace them. But what happens to your tires once they come off your car or truck? Where can you recycle your old tires?

Each year, the U.S. generates approximately 300 million scrap tires. But the good news is that, due to community and governmental efforts, we now “repurpose” over 80 percent of scrap tires. Instead of piling up in landfills and creating literal mountains and hazardous conditions, tires are being cut, shredded, and repurposed in asphalt, tire-derived fuel (TDR), and civil engineering projects.

Pile of old discarded scrap tires.

What is the best way to get rid of your old tires?

Getting rid of tires lying around your property can present a challenge. So, where to recycle tires near you? Most municipal waste handlers won’t accept them in their weekly pickup, and you could be slapped with a hefty fine for sneaking one into your dumpster or, even worse, dumping illegally in a non-approved area. 

Your best bet to offload those junk tires is participating in a local tire collection event. Area landfills will host “tire drop-off days,” all you have to do is bring your old tires to their drop-off location. Have you missed your local tire collection? Call your local tire shop and see if they store old tires. You can also contact your regional EPA office and see what other options are available to you or other facilities that accept tire refuse. 

You can also get creative with your old tires. There are a variety of ways you can utilize end-of-life tires around your home. Create an outdoor ottoman for your patio, create an obstacle course for your kids, turn them into raised planters, or make a classic tire swing. Contact a local farmer, sometimes they need tires to weigh down the plastic coverings on animal feed storage pits – such as silage and haylage.

A scrap tire is used as a tire swing.

What programs are available for recycling tires?

Various programs exist for collecting and recycling old tires. The most accessible are the local tire collection days we mentioned earlier. State and local governments are primarily responsible for setting up events and distributing funds. 

If you have difficulty finding ways to clean up illegally dumped tires in your area, contact your local municipality, and they can point you in the right direction. Or visit the EPA’s website and search the “Cleanups in My Community page. – https://www.epa.gov/cleanups/cleanups-my-community.

This searchable map gives you cleanup sites in your area and information about Brownfield Grant recipients. According to the EPA, “the Brownfields Program provides grants and technical assistance to communities, states, tribes, and others to assess, safely clean up and sustainably reuse contaminated properties.”

Photo from Pexels by Laker.

Photo from Pexels by Daniel Trylski.