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Eagle International offers two of the best options on the market for removing sidewalls from end-of-life tires: the Sidewall Cutter and the Super Slicer. But why would you want to remove the sidewalls? What would you do with the leftover tread? Both the sidewall and the tread can be reused in a variety of applications.

Once a tire hits the end of its life, what do you do with it? Once there is sidewall damage on tires, there’s not much you can do. Replacement is often the only option. When an end-of-life tire is sent to recycle, sometimes it’s pulled apart to be reused.

Sidewalls are used as weights for livestock feed storage coverings such as silage, haylage, or corn, weights for highway construction traffic drums, and mulch rings for newly planted trees. Once you remove the sidewall, the treads can be flattened and used as bumpers for loading docks or boat docks and matting for livestock stalls. 

Sidewalls from end-of-life tires are used to hold down covers on livestock feed piles.
These truck tire sidewalls are used as weights on feed pit covers. This image comes from Tuls Dairies based in Rising City, NE.

According to a recent Scrap Tire News article, a Nebraska-based company has recently begun using patented Mechanical Concrete® sidewall-free tire tread rings to contain railroad track aggregate. Testing has shown a significant reduction in the lateral spread of aggregate, providing a more reliable foundation for the tracks.

Tire treads filled with aggregate to create road bases.

Sidewall Cutter vs. Super Slicer

What is the difference between a Sidewall Cutter and a Super Slicer? At first glance, there’s not a lot that separates them. Both remove sidewalls, handle truck and car tires, have hydraulic tire lifts, and Eagle customers can order both with the optional Tread Cutter Attachment. Like most Eagle machines, customers can order the Super Slicer and Sidewall in portable or stationary configurations with electric, diesel, or gas power options. 

But that’s where the similarities end. 

Eagle Sidewall Cutter sitting next to an Eagle Super Slicer.

Sidewall Cutter

Remove sidewalls up to super single truck tires.

The Sidewall Cutter is, overall, a smaller machine. Weighing in at 1,380 pounds, this machine can handle up to and including super single truck tires. Though the Sidewall Cutter is primarily designed for semi-truck tires, it can handle smaller sizes by manually adjusting the machine. The hydraulic lift holds the tire at a slight angle as it cuts the sidewall from the tread.

Here are the specifications for the portable Sidewall Cutter model. 

Portable Sidewall Cutter Specifications

  • Weight: 1,380lbs / 626kg
  • Dims: 71″ x 68″ x 140″ (626 x 180 x 356 cm)
  • Max. Cap: Super Single Truck Tires
  • Avg. Cycle Time: 11 Sec./Truck Tires
  • Avg. Cycle Time: 7 Sec./Car Tires

Super Slicer

Remove sidewalls up to 44″ outside diameter truck tires.

The more powerful Super Slicer is somewhat larger than the Sidewall Cutter, weighing 2,130 pounds. This machine is suited for a variety of tire sizes within passenger and semi classes. The hydraulic lift holds the tire vertically against the blade while cutting. This angle allows the Super Slicer blade to cut closer to the tread.

A significant difference from the Sidewall Cutter is that the Super Slicer has a hydraulic adjustment allowing for easy and fast transitions between various sidewall sizes. Not only does this mechanism increase efficiencies between different tire sizes, but it also gives the Super Slicer the capacity to cut the bead out of the sidewall.

Here are the specifications for the portable Super Slicer model.

Portable Super Slicer Specifications

  • Weight: 2,130lbs / 966kg
  • Dims: 62.5″ x 67″ x 145″ (158 x 280 x 368 cm)
  • Max. Cap: 44″ O.D. Truck Tires
  • Avg. Cycle Time:12 Sec./Truck Tires
  • Avg. Cycle Time: 8 Sec./Car Tires
Super Slicer sidewall cutting machine cutting the sidewalls from a truck tire.

In conclusion, both the Super Slicer and the Sidewall Cutter are stellar machines. Each has its benefits and can tackle a range of tire sizes. If you are still having trouble deciding which piece of equipment is best for your operation, reach out to one of our certified dealers or contact our corporate office. We’ll talk through your needs and guide you to make the best purchase.