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In recent months, we have received several calls from concerned individuals about emails and physical packages that have been received, which appear to have been sent from us here at Eagle International. We believe these emails and random shipments result from a scam. These emails and shipping labels may contain our phone number and our email domain.

Eagle International is a division of Brehmer Mfg. and is located in Lyons, Nebraska. We manufacture tire-recycling equipment such as the items found on our product page.

We do not ship through Canada Post, we do not sell small consumer items, and we want to make sure you know these shipments have not originated from us.

What should you do if you’ve received an unprompted email about a shipment?

If you have received a suspicious email from Canada Post, please view their website for support with scam emails:


If you suspect the email you’ve received is fraudulent, do NOT click on any internal links and delete it immediately.

Example of scam email from Canada Post

What should you do if you’ve received a package containing items you didn’t order?

While we understand the confusion surrounding an unexpected package delivery, please do not call us to ask for a refund or to find out where to return the package. We did not take the order; therefore, we do not have your payment information and will not accept unsolicited packages.

Check your payment methods for any unfamiliar charges and do not call any phone numbers or email any points of contact within the invoice or shipping label. We believe that these scammers are trying to gain access to your payment methods.

If you were not charged for the items, we recommend you dispose of them however you like (we recommend charitable donations).