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Punch Cutter

The patented Eagle Punch Cutter is designed to split Off the Road (OTR) tires into two halves down the center of the tread like a bagel. The Punch Cutter is loaded onto a tire and rotates around the outside of the tire.

A blade is used to punch the tire while a programmable logic controller (PLC) controls the rotation of the machine around the tire and the punching process. This allows the operator to set the machine, press start, and let it run.

  • Cuts up to 8” per punch
  • Heat treated alloy punch blade
  • Diesel and propane power options


Weight 4,500 lbs (2,041 kg)
Height 82“ (208 cm)
Width 63” (160 cm)
Length 126” (320 cm)
Axles Single
Blade Size 10”
Min. Tire Capacity Rim Size 39”/Tread Width 37”
Max. Tire Capacity 70/70-57
Cycle Time up to 8 Minutes/Tire
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