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Tuf-Cut II

The Eagle Tuf-Cut II is the most effective tire cutter on the market and is perfect for rock quarries, tire derived fuel (TDF) producers, cement kilns, large tire shredding operations, and tire processors.

The Tuf-Cut II tire shear is designed to cut several car or truck tires at a time and can destroy tires weighing up to 2,000 lbs. with 30 inches across the tread.

  • 4-sided, rotatable blades
  • Hydraulic tire lift
  • 3 powered bed rollers
  • Clean cutting design – no additional waste to clean up
  • Bed roller extensions
  • Electric and diesel power options


Portable Stationary
Weight 10,183 lbs (4,618 kg) 9,500 lbs (4,082 kg)
Height 76.5” (195 cm) 76.5” (195 cm)
Width 73” (185 cm) 73” (185 cm)
Length 254” (645 cm) 191” (485 cm)
Hitch 2 5/16” Standard Ball  or 3” Pintle Hitch None
Axles Single None
Suspension Spring None
Tires 17.5” None
Brakes Electric, Air, or Hydraulic None
Max. Tire Capacity 29.5×25-34 ply 29.5×25-34 ply
Average Cycle Time 26 Seconds 26 Seconds