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OTR Debeader

The ultimate bead puller on the market, the patented Eagle OTR Debeader is designed to pull the bead bundles out of radial Off the Road (OTR) tires ranging in sizes from 20.5/R25’s through 59/80R63. Hydraulically adjustable die plates ensure the proper size of opening for the various different sizes of bead bundles in different sizes of tires.  A hydraulic shear is included to trim off any excess rubber from the bead that may have been left behind from a weak sidewall.

A hydraulic crane is provided to remove the bead wires from the hook and distribute them away from the machine. A wireless remote is used to provide superior operator safety and ensures the operator is able to maneuverer around the machine as necessary.

  • Hydraulically adjustable alloy die plate openings
  • Shear to cut off excess rubber
  • Radio remote control
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Crane to lift off beads
  • Hydraulically adjustable tire cage
  • Electric and diesel power options


Weight46,440 lbs (21,056 kg)
Weight on 5th Wheel16,780 lbs (7,611 kg)
Weight on Rear Axles29,660 lbs (13,453 kg)
Travel Height159” (404 cm)
Work Height249“ (633 cm)
Travel Width102” (259 cm)
Work Width177” (450 cm)
Travel Length447” (1,135 cm)
Work Length536” (1,363 cm)
Hitch2” Kingpin
AxlesTandem Air Brake
SuspensionLeaf Spring
Tires315/80 R22.5
Fuel Tank Capacity42 Gallon (159 Liters)
Oil Tank Capacity107 Gallons (405 Liters)
Min. Tire Capacity20.5R25
Max. Tire Capacity59/80R63
Average Cycle Time8-10 Minutes
Average Hourly Production6-8 Tires/Hour
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