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The Eagle Titan tire cutter allows for increased flexibility of your total Off the Road (OTR) tire cutting system. The Titan cuts tires up to 27.00 R49.

Three hydraulically powered rollers rotate the tires into position, move the tire from side to side, front to back, and rotate in a circular motion. A hydraulically powered probe helps position and hold the tire during the cutting cycle. Cut size is determined by the operator.

  • Four hydraulically powered bed rollers
  • Hydraulic probe arm for positioning the tire
  • Operator control stand
  • Electric or diesel power options.


Weight10,183 lbs (4,618 kg)
Height76.5” (194 cm)
Width96” (244 cm)
Length254” (645 cm)
Hitch2 5/16” Ball, 3” Pintle, or Kingpin
Tires17.5” Dualled
Blade Size1”x3”x60”
Max. Tire Capacity38” Wide, 8’ Diameter
Average Cycle Time26 Seconds
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