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Punch Cutter II

The patented Eagle Punch Cutter II is portable and designed to split Off the Road (OTR) tires into two halves, cutting through the center of the tread. It can handle a range of tire sizes, from a rim size of 39 inches and a tread width of 37 inches up to, and including, rim size of 63 inches and tread width of 70 inches.

A blade is used to punch the tire while a programmable logic controller (PLC) controls the rotation of the tire and the punching process, allowing the operator to set the machine, press the start button, and let it run.

  • Four hydraulic-powered bed rollers
  • Automated radio remote control
  • Heat-treated alloy punch blade
  • Hydraulically adjustable tire cage
  • PLC automatically turns the tire and punches
  • Electric or diesel power option


Weight 26,500 lbs (2,041 kg)
Weight on Tongue 3,140 lbs (1,424 kg)
Weight on Rear Axles 19,900 lbs (9,026 kg
Travel Height 162” (411.5 cm)
Work Height 220“ (558.8 cm)
Travel Width 96” (243.8 cm)
Work Width 209” (530.8 cm)
Travel Length w/Tow Ring 273” (693 cm)
Work Length w/Tow Ring 378” (960 cm)
Hitch 3” Tow Ring or 2” Kingpin
Axles Tandem with Dual Tires
Suspension Leaf Spring
Tires 215/75 R 17.5
Brakes Air
Fuel Tank Capacity 42 Gallon (159 Liters)
Oil Tank Capacity 44 Gallons (167 Liters)
Blade Size 10”
Outrigger Two hydraulic outriggers and two manual outriggers
Min. Tire Capacity Rim size 39”
Max. Tire Capacity Up to/including 70/70-57
Average Hourly Production 5-6 OTR Tires/Hour
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