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Eagle international Punch Cutter was featured as part of an OTR recycling equipment round up with Weibold Academy. This article focuses on equipment manufacturers that provide machines to recycle end-of-life OTR tires.

Eagle International Punch Cutter with bagel cut OTR
OTR Punch Cutter is designed to cut up to a 59/80R63 mining tire, and the halves are now ready to be repurposed or reduced further.
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Brehmer’s Eagle International – a longstanding manufacturer of large tire downsizing equipment – reports that its Punch Cutter has become a well-established machine for cutting OTR tires into usable segments. Eagle’s patented machine is designed to punch through the tread of an OTR tire and split it into two halves down the center of the tread. It is a more compact option for cutting tires in half within Eagle’s flagship OTR Downsizing System.

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