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Eagle International was featured in an equipment spotlight article in the American Recycler News. The spotlight focused on tire-recycling equipment and featured quotes from sales person, John Tejkl.

The Tuf-Cut II cutting a OTR tire.
The Tuf-Cut II tire shear is designed to cut tires up to 29.5×25-34 ply and has an average cycle time of 26 seconds. Click here to view product information on the Tuf-Cut II.

Refuse rubber, the most common type being tires, is an especially important material to recycle due to the sheer volume generated annually. Additionally, the material is slow to decompose and can be toxic to the environment.

Eagle International is a manufacturer of tire recycling equipment that cuts, slices, debeads, derims and bales waste tires. Key products in the Eagle line of equipment for smaller operations include: the Sidewall Cutter which removes the sidewalls from car and truck tires; the 3060 baler which compresses then bales whole car and pickup tires; and the TC Gator which cuts tires cleanly it requires no additional cleanup. Overall, Eagle has 16 different machines in its lineup for processing ATV tires through 59/80R63 mining tires.

John Tejkl, sales, explained that their equipment is sold assembled and ready to use with stationary or portable options, along with various power options, including diesel, gas, propane and electric…

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