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3260 Baler

The Eagle 3260 Tire Baler is designed to compress and bale whole car, pickup/SUV and cut truck tires. Baling tires reduces volume, fire hazards and makes it easier to transport tires to processing stations.

The 3260 Tire Baler offers several significant safety and efficiency features.

  • Higher efficiency design allows for lower horse power engines
  • Bales waste tires to form a 32”x54”x60” “Enviro-Block”
  • Electric, gas, or diesel power options


Weight14,260 lbs (6,468 kg)10,100 lbs (4,581 kg)
Height165” (419 cm)162” (411 cm)
Width102” (259 cm)84” (214 cm)
Length271” (684 cm)112” (284 cm)
Hitch3” Pintle Hitch or 5th wheelNone
SuspensionRubber Torsion InsertNone
Average Cycle Time30 Seconds30 Seconds
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