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Sidewall Cutter

The Eagle Sidewall Cutter is designed to remove the side walls of truck and car tires.

Optional Tread Cutter Attachment is available to mount on the machine to downsize the tread.

A protective shroud separates the operator from the machine and provides a safe view of the cutting process. Safely cuts sidewalls from truck and car tires.

  • Available in portable and stationary configurations
  • Hardened alloy, serrated blade
  • No manual lifting of tires – simply roll onto the hydraulically powered tire lift
  • Electric, gas, or diesel motor options


Weight1,380 lbs (626 kg)1315 lbs (597 kg)
Height71” (180 cm)71” (180 cm)
Width68” (173cm)54” (137 cm)
Length140” (356 cm)85” (216 cm)
Hitch2” Standard BallNone
SuspensionRubber TorsionNone


Max. Tire CapacitySuper Single Truck Tires
Average Cycle Time11 Seconds/Truck Tires
Average Cycle Time7 Seconds/Car Tires


Tread Cutter Attachment

Weight266 lbs (121 kg)
Cycle Time3-5 Seconds
Capacityup to 120 tires/hour