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The Eagle Tire Derimmer is designed to separate rims from waste tires. Once a wheel is rolled into place, a clamp holds the tire while the rim is pushed out. This rim crusher is easy to operate and requires no manual lifting of the tire – simply roll into place and remove the rim.

Simple hand controls enhance the cycle time on the Derimmer. Safely crush and derim up to, and including, 20” split ring wheels.

  • Two-cylinder action, clamping the tire and removing the rim
  • No manual lifting, roll-in and roll-out
  • Gas, electric, and diesel power options

A compatible unit is offered, powered by an external, hydraulic power source such as a tractor or skid loader.


Portable Stationary
Weight 2,030 lbs (920 kg) 1,650 lbs (762 kg)
Height 53” (135 cm) 51” (130 cm)
Width 67” (171cm) 51” (130 cm)
Length 162” (411 cm) 86.5” (220 cm)
Hitch 2” Standard Ball None
Axles Single None
Suspension Rubber Torsion None
Tires 14” None
Max. Tire Capacity Up to/including 20” split ring wheel Up to/including 20” split ring wheel
Average Cycle Time 7 Seconds7  7 Seconds
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