The Eagle Tuf-Cut tire cutter adds flexibility to your total tire-cutting system by accepting tires up to 23.5/25, 12 ply.

The Tuf-Cut comes standard with a tire lift and extension rollers to handle larger tires. You can also cut up to three tires at once! This tire shear is available in both portable and stationary models, this unit can be powered by electric, diesel, or gasoline.

  • 4-sided, rotatable blades
  • Hydraulic tire lift
  • Manual roller-bed
  • Clean cutting design – no additional waste to clean up
  • Bed roller extensions
  • Electric, gas, or diesel motor options


Portable Stationary
Weight 5,650 lbs (2,562 kg) 4,650 lbs (2,109 kg)
Height 69.5” (177 cm) 69.5” (177 cm)
Width 76.5” (195 cm) 68.5” (174 cm)
Length 201” (511 cm) 140” (355 cm)
Hitch 2” Standard Ball None
Axles Single None
Suspension Rubber Torsion None
Tires 16” None
Brakes Electric None
Max. Tire Capacity 23.5/25, 12 ply 23.5/25, 12 ply
Average Cycle Time 15 Seconds 15 Seconds
Average Hourly Production Up to/including 19.5×24 grader Up to/including 19.5×24 grader