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Edge 360

The Eagle Edge 360 is designed to remove high-quality mulch from the treads and sidewalls of OTR tires ranging in sizes from 33 inches through 63-inch rim size. A unique design allows for three cutting heads to remove mulch from the tread and a sidewall simultaneously.

Hydraulically adjustable bead sizer ensures the tire is held in the proper position for the most economical and efficient process to remove mulch as quickly as possible. The automated cutting cycle maximizes the efficiency of the equipment by providing consistent pressure and tire rotation to remove mulch evenly across the whole surface of the tire tread.

Three cutting heads are utilized to remove mulch simultaneously from the tread and sidewall. *

A high-efficiency vacuum system is used in combination with a magnet to remove any metal in the mulch.

*One sidewall at a time can be processed with the tread.


Height 124“ (315 cm)
Width 90” (229 cm)
Length 170” (432 cm)
Min. Rim Capacity Rim size 33”
Max. Rim Capacity Rim size 63″


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