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Truck Derimmer

The Truck Tire Derimmer is a rim crusher that separates the rim from semi-truck tires. The portable model is highway rated and set-up time at the job site is less than three minutes. All orders come standard with an adapter that lets the Truck Tire Derimmer process smaller rims and tires.

Safely derims up to, and including, 19.5×24 grader tires and also handles Dayton rims and Budd Wheels on semi-tires.

  • Portable or stationary models
  • Can do tires larger than semi-truck
  • Gas, electric, and diesel power options

A compatible unit is offered, powered by an external, hydraulic power source such as a tractor or skid loader.


Weight5,020 lbs (2,277 kg)3,800 lbs (1,724 kg)
Height103” (261 cm)76” (193 cm)
Width84” (213 cm)83.5” (212 cm)
Length147” (373 cm)87.5” (222 cm)
Hitch2” Standard BallNone
SuspensionRubber TorsionNone
Max. Tire CapacityUp to/including 19.5×24 graderUp to/including 19.5×24 grader
Average Cycle Time20 Seconds20 Seconds