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The patented Titan II is our ultimate tire cutter and the largest tire cutter within the Waste OTR Tire Recycling Market. The Titan II has the ability to handle and cut large OTR Mining tires up to 40" across the tread and up to 12 feet in diameter. When processing the tires greater than 40' across the tread the Eagle Punch Cutter is utilized to split the tires through the center of the tread allowing for you to downsize these tires with ease. The horse power of the diesel engine, the special design location of the cylinder mount and the blade design allows equal cutting pressure throughout the total cutting cycle. The Titan II is complete with powered extension rollers, extended bed and integral trailer, heated and air conditioned operator cab, a light tree package (red, yellow and green) and emergency stops, a probe are (assists with tire position) and a hydraulic tire rotator.

Additional Information

The Eagle OTR Debeader was designed to allow for all tire recyclers to pull the heavy bead sections from all radial OTR tires. With the Eagle OTR Downsizing system we are recommending the OTR’s are downsized in the following order.

Step 1. Time to pull the steel bead bundles from the OTR tires: 5-10 minutes depending on which size tire is on the machine
Step 2. Time to bagel cut the tires into two halves through the center of the tread: 15 minutes per tire
Step 3. Time to cut the tires into pie shaped sections 10-15 minutes per bagel cut halves, time will depend on how many pieces are cut to accommodate the tire shredder used in this process.