Punch Cutters » Eagle Punch Cutter II (Portable)


The Eagle Punch Cutter II is portable and designed to split OTR tires into two halves, cutting through the center of the tread. The Punch Cutter can handle a range of tire sizes, from a rim size of 39 inches and a tread width of 37 inches up to and including a 13 foot diameter OTR tire. In addition to manual use, the Eagle Punch Cutter can now be programmed to operate automatically and split an OTR tire without an operator. The tires are loaded onto the Eagle Punch Cutter II. The machine cuts 5 inch sections at a time (7 inch blade) the tire turns on the turn table cuts the OTR tires into the two halves; once these 12 and 13 foot tires have been cut into two halves, the Titan II can cut them into smaller sections. On a 12 or 13 foot tire the punch cutter can split a tire in approximately 10-12 minutes.

The Eagle Punch Cutter is an important part of the process because of the thickness of the rubber in the shoulder of some OTR tires (70/70/57’s) is 14" of solid rubber, and also because of the width of their tread.

Additional Information

The Eagle OTR Debeader was designed to allow for all tire recyclers to pull the heavy bead sections from all radial OTR tires. With the Eagle OTR Downsizing system we are recommending the OTR’s are downsized in the following order.

Step 1. Time to pull the steel bead bundles from the OTR tires: 5-10 minutes depending on which size tire is on the machine
Step 2. Time to bagel cut the tires into two halves through the center of the tread: 15 minutes per tire
Step 3. Time to cut the tires into pie shaped sections 10-15 minutes per bagel cut halves, time will depend on how many pieces are cut to accommodate the tire shredder used in this process.