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The Eagle OTR Debeader has been built, proven and engineered to complete this specific task of pulling the Bead bundles from OTR tires and is the only machine in the world capable of pulling the bead bundles from all sizes of radial OTR tires. The tires are lifted onto the machine and are complete contained for safety and left unsaid, the production time is second to none! Through the development of this machine we have pulled tire sizes from 20.5/25’s all of the way up to and including the 59.80R63’s. We have pulled the bead bundles from the 20.5/25’s up to the 33.00R51’s both beads at the same time. When processing the larger tires (57’s and 63’s) we pull one bead bundle at a time, the first and then the second.

Additional Information

The Eagle OTR Debeader was designed to allow for all tire recyclers to pull the heavy bead sections from all radial OTR tires. With the Eagle OTR Downsizing system we are recommending the OTR’s are downsized in the following order.

Step 1. Time to pull the steel bead bundles from the OTR tires: 5-10 minutes depending on which size tire is on the machine
Step 2. Time to bagel cut the tires into two halves through the center of the tread: 15 minutes per tire
Step 3. Time to cut the tires into pie shaped sections 10-15 minutes per bagel cut halves, time will depend on how many pieces are cut to accommodate the tire shredder used in this process.